A FREE Alternative to Obsidian Publish . . .


Hey everyone! I'm Amlan, a 21 year old self-taught web designer and developer from India. Welcome to my notebook.

Reason behind this site...

For the last couple of months, I'm using, a fantastic note-taking app, for tracking my studies and boosting productivity and I LOVE IT. But, after using for a while, yesterday, when I was about to present couple of notes to my friend, I had faced some serious challenges, publishing my notes.

Browsing into the forum, I've come to know about Obsidian-Publish and some other alternatives. While Obsidian publish costs 12 8$ per month and works flawlessly (which is btw a lot for the students like me with zero income😒), I have faced a hard time understanding its free alternatives. Also, all free alternatives lack the most interesting feature of OBSIDIAN, a.k.a the Graph View.

That's why after 20+ hours of code and 6 cups of coffee, here's my version of the free Obsidian Publish with Graph View πŸ₯³πŸ₯³....

  • Click ☰ on top left to open the MENU.
  • Click πŸ•Έ on top right to open the Graph.
  • On 'Menu', toggle the switch to enable/ disable dark mode.

This page is fully responsive.

Happy browsing πŸ™Œ...